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For our non-Dutch speaking visitors, we have translated the basics of fertility in English

Goal of this website

With this website we hope to reach out to those people that have a (yet) unfulfilled childwish. Our purpose is to provide you with information on the diagnostics and treatments related to fertility, subfertility and infertility. We sincerely hope that this information will contribute to a better understanding and decision making on your side when it comes to discussing your fertilityproblems with your specialist.

Editor is edited by dr R.S.G.M. Bots, gynacologist at the Fertility Centre Tilburg of the St. Elisabeth Hospital, Tilburg, The Netherlands.


The infomation on this website is brought to you with the utmost care and professionality. However the editorial office does not take any liability for the here published education. The information presented here depicts the care that can be expected and provides further information related to fertility problems. The editorial office is not responsible for information on any of the links (see also the disclaimer). In case of any discrepancy between the Dutch and English version, the Dutch version prevails.

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Verhoging IVF slagingskans

Interview met gynaecoloog Van Santbrink over een nieuwe ontwikkeling ter verhoging van de IVF slagingskans.

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Fertiliteitsmedicatie per 2014

De overheid heeft bepaald dat per 1 januari 2014 de verstrekking van een aantal geneesmiddelen aan patiŽnten voortaan door het ziekenhuis moet worden geregeld.
Lees hier wat deze verandering voor u betekent..